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PVS (Polyviynlsiloxane) Lift Off Styrofoam

Inv. Charles Wysocky of the Altoona Police Department worked a burglary and found a piece of Styrofoam that the suspect had stepped on. On the surface of the Styrofoam there was a shoe impression.

After properly documenting the impression in the Styrofoam with photography and not knowing how long the impression would remain in the Styrofoam before it raised and possibly vanish.

Inv. Wysocky had an Extruder gun with Polyviynlsiloxane and decided to try a lift of the impression in the Styrofoam using the Polyviynlsiloxane. By dispensing the Polyviynlsiloxane on the impression, then spreading it out with a spatula to cover the area. What resulted was a casting of the shoe print impression.

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