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Silicone Backer

For use with Mikrosil, the extruder cartridge or Accutrans

The backing sheets from the every address labels and the CD labels that you throw away can be recycled.  They can be used to write your information on when using Mikrosil, the extruder cartridge or Accutrans. The silicone side of these backer sheets will adhere to the product when it hardens. The other side is paper for you to write on.

Remove all the excess label material from the backing material. Cut the backer sheets into 2 in. by 4 in. strips. This will give you enough area to write all your case information on. After you place the product (Mikrosil, the extruder cartridge or Accutrans) on the latent fingerprint or tool mark insert the silicone backer strip into the product with the silicone side down. The information is now attached to the product.

If you are in the field and do not have any backers with you, use the backer from your evidence tape and your good to go.

Click here to view video demo.

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