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Mikrosil has been formulated to give excellent rendering of small details, highest contrast for microscopical observations, good releasing ability and short setting time. These properties are of special importance with shallow marks and those with small details requiring large magnification. It is also suited for lifting developed latent fingerprints from textured surfaces. Mikrosil comes in various colors, which are white, black, gray and the original brown. Select a color to contrast with the powder being used. Brown is best suited for tool marks.

Setting times:
5-8 minutes at 68 degrees Fahrenheit
12-15 minutes at 14 degrees Fahrenheit

The setting time can be shortened by increasing the amount of hardener or lengthened by decreasing it. Do not add more than 6% hardener. Squeeze out equal lengths of Mikrosil and hardener. Use supplied mixing sticks. Thoroughly mix until a uniform color is achieved. Using the mixing stick, apply the Mikrosil to the tool mark or developed latent fingerprints.

Note: Do not allow the mixing stick to scratch the developed latent fingerprint.

Mikrosil can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

View a short video demonstrating how to lift prints off a textured surface with Mikrosil. See the video. 

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