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Brown Accutrans Application

Casting tool marks, bite marks and gun barrels

With tool marks is very important that they are photographed with a scale inserted prior to casting. With bite marks use an ABFO-2 scale. It is best to use side lighting to enhance the marks. When casting tool marks, bite marks and any type of impressions of this type it is best to use brown Accutrans to cast with.  Tool mark examiners prefer the color brown over any other colors that are available. The reason is the contrast that it provides.

When casting tool marks or bit marks use a standard mixing tip or the spreader tip to apply the Accutrans directly to the surface to be cast.  Be sure to spread it around to eliminate air bubbles that might be present in the casting material when the product is put down side by side an air pocket will be formed and this has to be eliminated by moving the product around using the tip. This will also help pushing it down into the tool and bite marks. You can also apply the brown Accutrans to the tool marks or bite marks using a tongue depressor or spatula to spread the product over the area to be cast.

Casting Tool Marks (Click here to view video demo)

Casting Bite Marks

Casting Gun Barrel

Casting a gun barrel is a simple process as using the Accutrans process whether it is a rifle barrel revolver barrel or semiautomatic handgun barrel. If someone has tried to change the interior of the barrel by putting steel down the barrel to change or scratch the inside of the gun barrel making comparison more difficult, this will be able to show what they’ve done.

Use the Accutrans gun with brown Accutrans products and a standard mixing tip.  Place your index finger at the rear of the barrel so you will be able to feel the product when it comes out of the barrel when it is full. Do not block the air flow or completely cover the barrel. Insert the mixing tip in the other end of the barrel and begin putting the product into the barrel. When the barrel is full gradually remove the tip and keep applying the product at the end of the barrel to make a small ball which will be used to grab and remove the Accutrans from the gun barrel. At this point you need to be patient and make sure it is thoroughly setup before you try to pull it out of the barrel.

Note: If you try to soon it will break off, and if this happens apply more of the brown Accutrans to the area broke off and it will attach to the product left inside of the barrel.

When it is fully set up grab the ball on the end and began pulling it and you’ll feel it starting to release, keep pulling with constant pressure and it will come out. You are now able to see the lands and grooves in the barrel.

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