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AccuTrans Auto Mix Dispensing System

In August 2005, a new product was released by Ultonics Inc. Ultonics took information from officers in the field and developed a transparent, brown and white polyvinylsiloxane. The product is called AccuTrans. The brown polyvinylsiloxane is ideal to use for tool marks. The white polyvinylsiloxane can be used to lift developed latent prints off various textured surfaces such as computers, car dashes, refrigerators, bank counter tops and Styrofoam for example. One must keep in mind that these lifts using the brown and white have a reverse image.
This is where the transparent polyvinylsiloxane has numerous advantages over the white and brown polyvinylsiloxane and other similar products currently on the market.

1. The lift is transparent therefore the latent lift would not be reversed.
2. The latent lift can be photographed through the transparent polyvinylsiloxane.
3. The transparent polyvinylsiloxane can be inserted directly into the AFIS system.
4. The latent lifts are permanent and will not rub off the transparent polyvinylsiloxane.
5. The transparent polyvinylsiloxane is self pooling which is ideal to use on flat surfaces.
6. With the use of the 1” wide spreader tip attached to the mixing tip covers a single print perfectly, with a minimal amount of material. Spreader Tip virtually eliminates operator error.

AccuTrans working and setting times:


Working Time
Setting Time

°C / °F

-10 / 14


0 / 32


10 / 50


20 / 68


30 / 86


To get started with the AccuTrans System you can purchase a Intro Kit, which includes:

2 - AccuTrans cartridges
1 - Dispenser
40 - Mixing Tips
10 - Spatulas
1 - Instructions

To use simply insert a 75 ml double cartridge into the gun, put on the special mixing tip and then squeeze the trigger. The compound will come out through the mixing tip that is laced with veins to mix the two compounds. When it comes out, the compound is thoroughly mixed. When using the transparent polyvinylsiloxane keep the mixing tip in the transparent polyvinylsiloxane as it comes out of the mixing tip will eliminate the chance of air bubbles. When using the brown or white polyvinylsiloxane which has a heavier viscosity, apply it directly to the area you want to cast and use the tip to stir the compound to remove any air bubbles that may be trapped. Polyvinylsiloxane dries in a relatively short time depending on the air and surface temperature (see chart above). Your cast with the AccuTrans polyvinylsiloxane will produce very fine detail casting or lifting.

Click here to view AccuTrans with standard tip video.
Click here to view AccuTrans with spreader tip video.

The AccuTrans Intro Kit and components can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

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