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Click here to try a 7-day free trial version of SmartDraw Legal Edition.

Usually when you get diagramming programs that is all that you get. The SmartDraw Legal Edition takes you to the next level giving you the ability to make basic to advanced crime scene and accident diagrams. It also allows you make flow chart and timelines of your case for court presentations.

The SmartDraw Legal Edition is designed to meet the specific needs of law enforcement officers. Specialized content and tools with a large library for crime scenes, timelines, accident reconstructions, and more — empower users with the ability to make their own trial exhibits, demonstratives, and much more.
The SmartDraw Legal Edition delivers virtually unlimited benefits to police officers, detectives, investigators, and other law enforcement professionals.

Accident reconstructions, forensic diagrams, and crime scenes are a snap to create, print, and share, as are the timelines, flow charts, org. charts, and floor plans critical to law enforcement professionals.

• Accident reconstruction
• Crime scenes
• Timelines
• Storyboards
• Evidence charts
• Floor plans and facilities
• Medical diagrams
• Forensic diagrams
• Trial graphics

Includes thousands of professionally designed templates and specialized crime, scenes and traffic accident graphics. And with SmartTemplates, you can make your own drawings like these in minutes.

Click here to try a 7-day free trial version of SmartDraw Legal Edition.

Arson Investigation

Highway Accidents

Traffic Light Accidents


Crime Scene
Traffic Case Flowchart

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