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Death Scene Investigation Check List

Usually when you start a death investigation, you start with a plain notebook and start writing. Wouldn't it be easier to just fill in the blanks starting with time assigned to the release of the crime scene? The Check List is designed to help officers in their investigation at a crime scene giving them a starting point. It will put their investigation into a format where the information can be found. This information will also work as a reminder of what needs to be done, to get the investigator thinking and to be more observant as well as aid in the prosecution of the case. The Check List can be customized to your needs.

Documentation is very important in working a crime scene but many times an officer relies on memory alone. With so many things going on at one time, even the best forget. Once the scene is released, it is hard to get back into the scene to collect additional evidence and have it admitted into court.

By completing the Check List, it will aid the officer working the scene as well as the detective in such a way as to enable them to compile pertinent information. This will also help the officer be more observant and to better document the scene. Quoting Sherlock Holmes from the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, he said, "You see but you do not observe." This use of the Check List will enable the officer to look at the crime scene in a different way and see things that may have been overlooked. Officers will be able to properly document the crime scene investigation from the time they are called to the scene until the crime scene is released.

This Check List contains the information and some suggestions needed to fill out the Check List. You will need several copies of some of the forms in the Check List, such as the Officer Entry Log, Evidence Recovery Log, Photographic Log, to name a few. Do not write on the master forms in the manual. You can make copies of these forms as needed. The crime scene officer or investigator who does the scene should have a copy of the Check List in his/her vehicle so it will be readily available when needed. Use a copy of the Check List at the crime scene to record the information on. This will be a tremendous aid to you when you do your crime scene report.

The computer disk supplied has the Check List fill-in forms and logs you will need. It will give you the ability to put the Check List on your computer system and use the fill-in-the-blank feature. Your computer system will have to have Microsoft Word 97 to work this application.

The Death Scene Check List is set up in form fill. As you fill in the information in the space provided, tab over to the next space and continue this procedure throughout the form. When completed, print out the Death Scene Check List.

View the Death Scene Check List.

The Death Scene Check List can be purchased from the Lynn Peavey Company.

Death Scene Investigation Check List
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