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Door Wedges

When processing a door in a house or business, it is difficult to hold the door still while you process it for latent fingerprints. Wouldn't it be handy to have someone or something to hold it still while you process it? Try making some simple wooden disposable wedges to hold the door for you. Taking a piece of 1" x 2" wood that can be purchased at any hardware store or lumberyard, cut it into 6" pieces. Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the other and then cut to make two wedges. From a 1"x 2"x 8' long you can cut approximately 30 wedges. When needed, place a wedge under the door, one on each side. This will hold the door in place. If there is blood on the floor and the wedges get contaminated, simply dispose of them in a biohazard bag.

The 1"x 2" stock in various lengths can be purchased at any lumberyard.

Door Wedges
Door Wedges

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