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Tubular Dowel Crime Scene Reconstruction

Tubular Dowels are hollow. Made out of durable plastic, the Tubular Dowel is transparent. The Tubular Dowel can be inserted into a forensic mannequin, wall, Styrofoam head, or other object which has been penetrated or perforated by a projectile. The Quick Release Laser Base Mini-Tripod is placed at the approximate location of the shooter. The Quick Release Laser Base Mini-Tripod securely holds a laser in place and depresses the “on” button. Investigators then use an angle finder and/or string to sight-in the laser beam in the center of the Tubular Dowel.

The result is incredible. The entirety of the trajectory or path of the projectile can be understood as demonstrated by the laser beam beginning at the location of the shooter, traveling through the victim or object, and out the other side of the victim or object.

The approximate locations of projectiles that impact an object such as a wall are easily observed by investigators as the laser beam travels through the Tubular Dowel. Investigators can sight in the laser beam to produce a point behind the victim or to produce a shape, round in nature in some cases, or as a point in others.

The Tubular Dowel Crime Scene Reconstruction Kit can change the way that juries understand injuries to victims.

The dowels will glow without fog and without darkness when the laser beams are positioned to refract the light through the dowel.

The CSI Effect has nothing on the Tubular Dowel Crime Scene Reconstruction Kit. Tubular Dowel Crime Scene Reconstruction is revolutionizing the way investigators reconstruct shooting incidents.

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