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Thermometers/Temperature Probes

When you work crime scenes, different pieces of equipment and tools come into play. One piece of equipment that is often overlooked is a thermometer. There are different types available on the market ranging from the basic thermometer to digital thermometers with a humidity reading.

You can obtain probe types with the temperature reading on the top as well as those that have a digital reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. These will record water temperature and air temperature. Also available is a digital thermometer that will give you both the temperature and humidity. This unit will record the air temperature but will not work in water.

By taking the air temperature or water temperature upon your arrival at a crime scene and especially death scenes, it will aid investigators and medical examiners in their investigation. In a case where infants or children have been burned by scalding hot water, it is very important that the hot water temperature be recorded from the faucet.

The digital thermometer with humidity should be used when super glue fuming where you want the humidity between 70% and 80%.

The probe thermometer with the reading on the top can be purchased at the local hardware store for approximately $9.95.

The digital thermometer with humidity can be purchased at Radio Shack for approximately $24.95.
Thermometers/Temperature Probes

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