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Step N Go

Everyone entering a crime scene needs to wear protective shoe covers to eliminate contamination of the crime and the transfer of BIO hazard contaminates to your shoes. Every time you exit the scene and re-enter it you need to change the shoe covers to prevent contamination. This means the hassles, bending over, or wasting time trying to get the plastic covering on while stand in the entry way of the scene.

A new product to eliminate this hassle is the Step N Go! Simply step in and out of the Step N Go and a protective plastic shoe covering will automatically be placed over your shoe or boot! Yes, you read this correctly it automatically applies the shoe cover. You step in the Step N Go box and the shoe cover snaps onto your shoe or boot. When you exit a scene and re-enter the scene leave the old shoe cover on and step into the Step N Go and place another cover over the old one. Makes thing a little easier just “step in and step out!”

Step N Go can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

View a short video about Step N Go. See the video. 

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