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Reflective String

Standard colored string is commonly used for showing the path of a bullet to the point of origin. This works great in the daylight, but hard to see at night with a flash when you photograph it. At night you use the laser pointer to show the line of the bullet and try using fog so you can see the laser beam. The fog will allow you to photograph the laser beam.

Now to make things easier, try using reflective sting. Have you ever taken a night photograph with firemen in the picture? The reflective stripes on there jackets and pants pop out and can easily be seen. This reflective string has the same reflective strip material woven into the string. The string reflects bright white when photo-flashed or illuminated with flashlight. Ideal for low light areas to create a "beam of light" with string, ideal to use either indoors or outdoors. This reflective string has many versatile applications: Bullet Trajectory, Blood Spatter, Tire Tracks on dirt, Evidence marking, etc.

Add Reflective String to your existing string Kit, simply place spool in an end slot.

The Reflective String retails for $18.69 per spool (150 feet per spool) and is available through EVI-PAQ Innovative Crime Scene Products.

Reflective String

Reflective String

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