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Reflective Chalk

At night it is hard to photograph item in the roadway at a distance and be able to see the item. If you use the Reflective Chalk to circle the item and put an item number by it then photograph the area you will be able to show the items in relationship to each other. The chalk creates highly reflective marks at night that can be illuminated by photoflash or flashlight. Perfect for illuminating the location of evidence that would not normally show in nighttime photography. Ideal for use at accident investigations to indicate skid marks and highlight any relevant debris found at the scene.

Versatile product: Draw any desired reflection and it will appear super-bright when photographed. Each Reflective Chalk stick is 1" diameter and 4" long

The Reflective Chalk retails for $12.95 per box (3 sticks per box) and is available through EVI-PAQ Innovative Crime Scene Products.

Reflective Chalk

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