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Prisim Inflatable Lights

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When working large outdoor crime scenes at night it is crucial to have adequate lighting at the crime scene to properly locate evidence and process the crime scene. You will need a bright portable light source to accomplish this.

The Prisim Inflatable Lights are a great way to illuminate any area where light is scarce. This pioneer technology allows for quick transportation and set up of a field light source. The lights can plug into any power source and take 10-30 seconds to inflate and achieve their brightest illuminating level in just 3 minutes. These lights can withstand wind speeds of up to 25 mph and can be cooled and deflated in 5 minutes. The only portable, freestanding light that provides a full 360 º of illumination up to 1000 feet away. A replaceable, 1000-watt metal halide bulb provides hundreds of hours of reliable 23illumination.

Prisim Inflatable Lights can be purchased with a portable power generator or use you own generator and can truly go anywhere!

One person can raise the PIL with metal halide lamp (400W/1000W equivalent to 32000/95000 lm of brightness) to a height of up to 4.5 meters (15 feet), without using a metallic structure, in order to allow illumination over a vast area, in just a few seconds.

 A series of axial fans constantly inflate air into the supporting structure, in which sufficient pressure is generated to guarantee the necessary stability to the system, bringing the light source up to the best operative level.

During the inflation stage the structure is enlarged vertically and can be made to operate even in narrow spaces.
Ground anchorage of the structure by guy ropes allows the system to operate even with wind gusts up to 40 km per hour (25 mph).

The system can be supplied with an autonomous generator with a weight and dimension that make it possible for only one person to operate the system, and it can be transported in the trunk of an ordinary minivan/SUV.


  • Small, lightweight, foldable & portable
  • Takes just 30 sec. to inflate and 3 min. to achieve full illumination
  • Can be operated easily by one person
  • Deployed Height: 15 feet
  • Illuminates 2.5 acres (3,600 to 12,000 sq. yards)
  • Collapsed dimensions: 30" x 19.6" x 26.3" inches
  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Wide range of applications
  • Stands up to 25mph winds with included guy line kit 
  • Available in 110V/60HZ and 230V/50HZ

The Prisim Inflatable Lights can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

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