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Use for Old CDs

Your old CDs that you have been throwing away have a good use at some crime scenes instead of using them as a Frisbee. How many times have you put your camera on a tri-pod and the legs to the tri-pod sunk into the sand or mud. Kerdall Remboldt a crime scene photographer and instructor have a use for those old CDs.

Place 3-6 old CDs in your camera kit and the next time your tri-pod wants to sink in the sand or mud, pull out three of the CDs and place them under the feet of your tri-pod. It will serve as snowshoe to keep the tri-pod feet from sinking and, yes, this also works in snow.

Another use for the old CDs from Remboldt is to use them as a reflector when photographing pieces of evidence without shadows. This will allow you to clearly see the item of evidence. As you can see in the inserted photograph you will have a good photograph of the bullet instead of just an average photograph. Sometimes when you eliminate the shadows you will be able to view the item of evidence with better detail.

Cds as a Snowshoe

Cd as a Reflector

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