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3DEyeWitness is the fastest, simplest way to layout a scene. This includes over 1,00 pre-drawn 3D symbols. Recreate the floorplans to crime scenes, accident scenes, highway scenes, scene inventory and much more. THe program includes photorealistic 3D rendering and more. Look below for a demo version of 3DEyeWitness and start recreating scenes quickly and easily.

System Requirements:
Operating System Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
Processor Minimum: Pentium 166
Recommended: Pentium 700
RAM Minimum: 64 MB
Recommended: 128 MB
Video display Minimum: Super VGA at 800x600 or higher
Recommended: Open GL graphic card
CD Rom 4x or higher

3DEyeWitness can be purchased at the Lynn Peavey Company.

Free Demo: download
3DEyeWitness Manual: download

3DEyeWitness panorama pictures and movies: download
3DEyeWitness pictures: download

All images and downloads are used with permission by DesignWare, Inc.

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