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Bullet Trajectory Rods

A bullet trajectory kit is designed to aid the investigating officers in determining the point of origin from where the weapon was fired. These kits can become very expensive, costing up to $400.00. To create a cost effective bullet trajectory rod kit, you will need the following items:

3-22 cal. Rifle cleaning rod or dowel rod of various sizes
Colored string

Using dowel rods of various sizes to correspond to bullet sizes, such as 22 cal., 9mm, .357 cal., 40 cal. 45 cal. and 12-gauge slug. Workds well but wooden dowel rods will warp.

You can also use a 22 cal. rifle-cleaning rod with the handle cut off. They come in three threaded sections that screw together and come with a cleaning rod pad holder that will work to attach the line. To help center the rod in the bullet hole, use a fishing bobber with the center rod (a little smaller than the 22 cal. rod) removed. Slide one bobber from each end to center the rod in the hole.

The 22-cal. cleaning rod kit can be purchased from any discount, retail store, such as Wal-mart, or gun store for approximately $5 to $6

The fishing bobbers can be purchased from the local fishing store for approximately $0.50 - $0.75 each.

You can purchase the dowel rods from your local hardware store.
Bullet Laser Trajectory
Bullet Laser Trajectory
Bullet Laser Trajectory
Bullet Laser Trajectory
Bullet Laser Trajectory

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