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Ultrapod II

Have you ever taken photographs at a crime scene and not had a tripod to take a time delayed photograph or needed a copy stand to photograph latent prints on small items you had processed?

The Ultrapod II is the answer to these questions. It is a small and compact tripod that is 6 ½” long (see photographs 1 and 1a) and will fit in your camera case. Use it as a regular tripod (see photograph 2) or set it on any object, such as a vehicle. You can attach it to a chair to convert it into a copy stand (see photograph 3), or attach it to any solid object, such as a handrail (see photograph 4) or fence post (see photograph 5) by using the Velcro strap. This will work with your 35mm Cameras, Compact Camcorders, Video Lights, Spotting Scopes, Slave Strobes and remote flash units.

Use it also when photographing shoe track and tire tracks at night when you need to set your strobe up at an angle to the shoe or tire track (see photograph 6).

Directions: See Illustration 1

1. Mount camera firmly on the Screw Mount.

2. Place Ultrapod II on the ground with legs folded out, or attach to a solid object using the Velcro Strap.

3. Unscrew Adjustment Knob on turn and set camera to the approximate desired angle with one of the Index Notches engaged. Now tighten the Knob until the Ball just moves in the Socket of the Clamp Assembly, adjust the camera to the exact position and tighten the Knob down firmly.

Using the Velcro Strap: See Illustrations 2 and 3

1. Fold legs against body of pod.

2. Place open “V” of body against object to be attached.

3. Wrap strap around object, through Cinch Ring and pull back to cinch up tight. Fasten hook to loop to secure. If object you are attaching to is small, wrap strap around object a second time, then loop through Cinch Ring and pull back to cinch up.

Note: Always be sure object you are attaching to is strong enough to hold weight of camera. When attaching cameras with telephoto lenses or camcorders, you must position camera so that its weight is centered over the three legs to prevent the tripod from tipping over. Due to its small size, this tripod should not be used with full-size camcorders.

The Ultra Pod II can be purchased at most camera stores and retails for approximately $12.95

Illustration 1
Illustration 2
Illustration 3
Photograph 1
Photograph 1a
Photograph 2
Photograph 3
Photograph 4
Photograph 5
Photograph 6

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