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Photo Studio in a Box

PHOTO STUDIO IN A BOX - Classic, the first & only complete photo studio for under $150.00. This kit contains everything needed to take professional studio quality images...soft lighting diffusion box, lights, backgrounds & camera stand, all in one package with carrying handle! The PHOTO STUDIO IN A BOX is hundreds of dollars less than competing products and without any sacrifice to quality! Close-up evidence photographs are a must now days and a professional way to take them is using the PHOTO STUDIO IN A BOX it is the easy solution to great photos.

Light weight and easy to set up table top design, the soft light box utilizes a specially woven, heat resistant, 100% nylon fiber mesh diffuser, which delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows and reflective glare. Folds up for convenient storage and travel.
Set up size: 16” x 16” x 16”.

Dual sided, blue/grey, non reflective polyester fabric background provides for contrast with either dark or light objects, as well as creates an infinite field of depth.
Size: 31” L x 15” H

Two, studio quality, high output 2800K Tungsten lamps for excellent & even color temperature and clarity. Retractable legs allow for hand held use. 8 inch height with 8 ft. power cord. 110v/50w, UL listed.

Fully adjustable, high quality, aluminum and steel camera stand eliminates jitters and blurs commonly experienced with hand held shots. Large legs with skid reduction pads keeps stand firmly in place. Neck height ranges from 10” with extension up to 18”.

For more information and to purchase the Photo Studio in a Box click here.

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