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Mirror Scales

By: Bob Garrett, IDMAN Forensics, LLC 5/04

If you have ever needed to take a photograph of an out of the way item and needed to also include a scale in the photo, here's an easy solution:

1. Take a small extendable inspection mirror, old refrigerator magnet (the rubberized business card type is easy to cut to size and work with) and some adhesive scales.

2. Cut the magnet to the size of the scale you need.

3. Apply the adhesive scale to the magnet.

4. Reverse the mirror and attach the magnet with scale to the metal side.

5. Extend the mirror as needed in order to place the scale next to the evidence.

6. When done, remove the magnetic scale and store for future use. Arrows and descriptive labels can be applied in the same manner as needed.

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