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Eagle-Eye Pole

Have you ever entered a crime scene that is difficult to photograph because it's in a confined area? Perhaps you want a photograph from directly above the crime scene. In other words, you want an aerial photo. It's always much more revealing than one taken from ground level. In the past, this would have required hauling in a ladder or renting a hydraulic lift device. Try attaching your 35mm camera, Polaroid camera or video camera to the end of the Eagle-Eye Pole. It comes in two lengths, 8 foot and 16 foot. Position the pole over the area to be photographed. You will need to use a camera that has a timer. This will allow you to press the shutter button and get the camera into position.

For example, with a wide-angle 28mm lens, you can get a field of view that measures about 14 x 18 ft. using the 16 ft pole. By doing this, you now have access to the room to be photographed without entering it. This can be used in bathrooms, closets, under stairs or in vehicles. It will give you a different perspective of a traffic accident by photographing from ten (10) to twenty (20) feet off the ground. If you use a video camera, make sure it has auto focusing so all images will be in focus.

The Eagle-Eye Pole has several obvious advantages. It can be assembled to photograph a crime scene from above before anyone enters to search for physical evidence, thereby recording the original locations of all items. The 16-ft. extension pole lets you reach out and over barriers such as partitions, fences, walls, or bodies of water. You can photograph a scene from various angles to explore different scenarios.

The Eagle-Eye Pole can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

Normal camera view
Eagle-Eye view
Eagle-Eye pole

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