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Daylight Equivalent Lighting Source

Need a daylight equivalent lighting source to take some photographs but a flash is too bright or has other exposure issues.

An inexpensive tool would be the purchase of a couple of DAYLIGHT rated fluorescent light bulbs and some swing arm lamps or simple reflector clamp lamps. We have found that the 100 watt bulbs tend to be the friendly for the many different applications we have come across.

The pair of bulbs will cost less than $12 a pair. They are similar to the output of a 100 watt light bulb but have the Kelvin rating of 6500K which is nearly the same as a daylight source. They produce low heat or temperature as compared to the very expensive incandescent style light bulbs. Plus the fluorescent bulbs have a greater life span. Just remember that the bulbs do have some mercury in the manufacturing process so they must be properly disposed of when they finally do burn out.

These bulbs can be purchased at most hardware stores.

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