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Adapter Lens 1:1

The Adapter lens is a useful and convenient tool for the photographer who has the responsibility of recording evidence, especially fingerprints, blood stains, blood spatter, small entry marks, etc. The Lucite cylinder screws into the filter threads and holds the camera the correct distance from the item you are about to photograph while the built-in Adapter Lens lets you take 1:1 ratio photos of the evidence with your camera's normal 50mm or 55mm lens. The Lucite cylinder serves as a camera support.

Note: Depending on the focal length of your camera lens, the resulting photograph may not be exactly 1:1.

The clear Lucite cylinder will allow you to illuminate the area through the cylinder, if needed. This works very well on latent fingerprints and entry wounds.

The 1:1 Adapter Lens can be purchased from the Lynn Peavey Company.

Adapter Lens 1:1
Adapter Lens 1:1

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