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Spectra Stick-On Ruler

If you have a Spectra Law Enforcement Camera kit, you know how handy and convenient it is to use. You can get pictures of a crime scene, take close-ups of small objects as close as 10" away, and capture shots of latent prints and injuries on a 1:1 ratio. With the system's 1:1 copy stand, you can even use an alternate forensic light source for latent prints, body fluids, fibers and hairs. When using the 1:1 copy stand to photograph injuries and body fluids, you will contaminate the base of the 1:1 copy stand. This creates a problem because it will need to be decontaminated after it is used and before its reuse. You can cover the bottom of it with tape or even tape a ruler to the bottom so a scale would be in the photograph.

A simple solution to this problem is to place a stick-on ruler designed for the 1:1 copy stand bottom. You will have a metric scale on two sides of the photograph plus a place for your initials, date and case number. After you have taken your photographs, just remove the contaminated label and dispose of it properly.

The Spectra Stick-On Ruler can be purchased from the Lynn Peavey Company.

Spectra Stick-On Ruler
Spectra Stick-On Ruler

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