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Magnetic Rulers

How many times have you processed vehicles and found latent prints on the exterior? You try to hold the measuring device next to the latent print by yourself and take the photograph or have someone hold the measuring device for you. Try this. Purchase an adhesive surface magnetic sheet 5" x 8". Take a set of four rulers, one white 6" rule, one black 6" rule, one gray 6" rule and one ABFO #2 scale. Peel off the adhesive cover and lay out your rulers and scale on the adhesive side. Rub them down to make a good bond. Cut the rulers and scale out with either a pair of scissors or Exacto knife. You now have a set of magnetic rulers. Remember that some vehicles are not made of metal so these rulers will not work on them. You will need to use an adhesive ruler.

An adhesive magnetic sheet 5" x 8" sheet can be purchased for around $1.99. These can be purchased at most discount or retail stores or a craft center.

Click here to see a video demonstration.

Magnetic Rulers
Magnetic Rulers
Magentic Rulers

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