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Leica DISTO D5 Handheld Distance Laser Meter

The Leica DISTO D5 is designed with many functions and features to make measuring easier, particularly when you are working outdoors. With its large, high resolution color display the measurement results and additional information are presented in an easy to read format. A host of functions help you to quickly and precisely resolve almost any measurement situation.

The DISTO D5 can now Digitally ZOOM in at a 4X magnification to your target using integrated crosshairs on the display which greatly increases your ability to align the laser dot at greater distances than ever before.  The adjustable brightness and large 2.4" color display also enhances the ability to better discern target contrast even in sunlight.

The Tilt Sensor not only indicates vertical angle measurements, but also can obtain real horizontal distances when the target is obstructed, and perform various indirect height measurements.  Angle, Slope and Pitch can be measured simply by placing the body of the DISTO D5 on the slope itself or aligning it at the desired angle. 

Incorporating Leica Geosystems’ exclusive Power Range Technology, the DISTO D5 can take measurements with ±1/16 in. (1.5mm) accuracy out to 329 ft. (100m.) without a target plate, and up to 650 ft.200m (200m) with a target plate. The multifunctional end piece makes it easy to measure from edges or corners and the system automatically recognizes the point of reference. The rugged housing is splash-proof and dust-proof for reliable operation on outdoor construction jobs.

The new DISTO D5 has all of the same features and functions of the other DISTO the extraordinary high resolution Color Display, 4X Digital Zoom, and new Digital Angle measuring via the Tilt Sensor technology.  Indoors or Outdoors - Quick and accurate measurements over short and long distances is now easier than ever before!

The Leica DISTO D5 can be purchased from the Lynn Peavey Company.

Digital Viewfinder
4X Digital Zoom for enhanced targeting at far distances


Color Display
Integrated crosshairs and 5 adjustable brightness settings deliver greater contrast on difficult targets in sunlight

Hi-Resolution Display
The D5 can display details of each measurement as well as proper sequencing for indirect measuring

The Pythagoras function
Allows indirect measuring of distances and heights through triangulation

Tilt Sensor for Digital Angle Measurements
Thanks to the in-built tilt sensor, you can quickly and simply measure tilts up to ± 45°

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