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Hilti PD-30 Laser Range Meter

We currently use tape measures such as steel tapes and roller tapes to measure crime scenes. Alternatives to these are the Sonin electronic measuring devices that send out narrow beams of sound waves that "bounce" off solid objects back to the hand-held receiver.

The advanced Hilti laser technology provides better measurements than sonar. The laser used in the PD-30 is a 635 nm, class 2 laser. The PD 30 Laser Range Meter makes your crime scene measuring tasks more efficient and your most difficult measuring tasks easier and more accurate. Whether you are measuring long distances, calculating areas and volumes, the PD 30 takes your measurement in less than ½ second. The PD 30 measures distances from 2 inches up to 660 feet with an unparalleled accuracy of ±1/16 inch over the entire operating range. The PD 30 also offers the benefit of storing the last three measurement or calculations on the screen for reference.

The PD 30 is equipped with a unique "pull-out spike" to enable the user to accurately measure from inside corners. When the spike is extended, the tool automatically recognizes and measures from the end of the spike. The PD 30 also has a built-in bubble level for accurate horizontal measurements and the capability of measuring from the front or rear of the tool to make getting the correct measurement easier.

The Hilti PD30 Laser Range Meter retails for $349.00 and can be purchased from Hilti at or (800) 879-8000 for Hilti customer service.

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