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Business Card Scale

Handy Scale Idea – Stick on Labels for the back of business cards

Download a full sheet of labels. This file is a Word document.

Have you ever found yourself ready to take a photo of an important item and realize that you do not have an accurate scale to place in the photo? Most of the time we either take the photo without the scale or “improvise” with whatever we can come up with. As you know you should place a scale by the item to give it size and that scale used in the photographs should be placed in your case file.

This lead Dick Warrington and I discussed what would be a quick easy solution to this problem. We wanted to put an accurate scale in everybody’s hands. We had to think of things that almost everyone has on them, and that is cost effective. One item you always have is a business card, usually supplied by your department.

The result? A scale for the back of your business card. Print out the attached scales on a sheet of Avery address labels (#5160) then attach them to your business cards! Viola! Instant scales! Not only are these cheap, and easy, but you will always have that scale in your pocket! You can print these labels out one sheet at a time and apply them to the back of your business cards as needed. Now you can place the scale in the case file. If the card gets contaminated place it in a zip lock bag then place it in the case file. By doing this you have the exact scale used in your photographs in the case file for future reference.

Submitted by :
Sergeant Chuck Aagaard
Janesville Police Department
18 N. Jackson
Janesville, WI 53545
Business card scale

Business card scale

Business card scale

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