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Arrow Scales

Dan Roman an investigator with the Madison Police Forensic Services Unit was just fiddling around with the computer one day trying to "invent" a new cheap tool? He came up with the attached .jpeg file of a 3mm scale with an arrow head and "ABFO" type circle. Now you will have a 3cm scale with an "ABFO" type circle and an arrow pointing to what you are trying to point out.

He has included a .doc file with an AVERY #5160 or #8160 label template all filled out as well. The .jpeg image, if you open it and don't change its size at all, it does print up accurately as a 3mm scale. You can customize the label in Adobe Photoshop and add text under the scale, like the name of your police department, and then copy and paste onto a blank AVERY #5160 or #8160 label template through MS Word. Just make sure you print a sample and verify the size with a ruler.

Another Avery address label that you can use is the REMOVABLE AVERY label # 6460 address label which you can use with any of the other labels on the web site. The AVERY removable label will allow you easily remove the label when you are done not damaging the surface it is placed on.

You can download a page of scaled arrows formatted and ready to print on ready to print on Avery address labels.

Click here for the formatted label.
Click here to download the blank jpeg.

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