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Un-Du Adhesive Remover

Have you ever worked a case with tape, (such as duct tape) that was used in commission of a crime and you want to process the adhesive side of the tape for latent prints? Of course, the tape is not laid out flat but is usually wadded up or stuck to another surface. The best way to get wadded up tape apart so it can be processed for latent prints on either the smooth or adhesive side is to place it in a freezer for 24 hours, use dry ice or liquid nitrogen. This will cause the adhesive to release and the tape can be pulled apart. Either side can now be processed.

A commercial adhesive remover that is usually used to remove stickers, tapes and labels from most surfaces might be the solution to the previously mentioned problems. Un-du is a retail adhesive remover that temporarily neutralizes the adhesive allowing for easy separation from the applied position. The adhesive is not dissolved by the Un-du and is actually preserved for possible future applications.

To use the Un-du:

1. Apply several drops to the area stuck with the adhesive. The Un-du will cause the adhesive to release.

2. Gradually pull while still applying the Un-du until the tape has separated. It will take several drops for this to work.

3. The Un-du solution will evaporate very rapidly. Always use in a well-ventilated area, as this product is extremely flammable. Avoid heat and open flame.

4. Allow to air dry. You can then process the adhesive side of the tape with Gentian Violet or Goo Print Powder.

The information on the use of Un-du was from an article published by Jon Stimac of the Oregon State Police in the Technical Notes of the Lightning Powder Company.

You can e-mail Jon Stimac at

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Un-Du Adhesive Remover
Un-Du Adhesive Remover
Un-Du Adhesive Remover
Un-Du Adhesive Remover

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