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Pop-N-Fume Chamber

One of the biggest problems you may run up against when super gluing evidence at a crime scene is the size and weight of that fish aquarium most people use for the fuming process. Now there is an alternative way. Use a Pop-N-Fumeä portable fuming chamber. With this chamber you can easily and conveniently take your fuming anywhere you want. This innovative solution to fuming problems consists of a tubular framework, a square base, and a crystal-clear fuming bag. The framework snaps together in seconds by the use of elastic shock cord. Each leg fits into mounting holes in the base. The fuming bag slips down over the frame to form an airtight chamber. That's all there is to it! Assembly is quick and simple. It is just as easy to take the chamber apart when the fuming job is done. It takes up very little space when it is disassembled.

With the fuming bag design, the clear bags are preprinted with a test-print area so that you can constantly monitor the fuming process. The chamber works equally well with all accepted field or laboratory procedures that are used by evidence technicians around the world for fuming latent fingerprints.

The Pop-N-Fume can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

Pop-N-Fume Chamber
Pop-N-Fume Chamber

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