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Polyethylene Tape

In some cases, processing items is the easiest part of the procedure. After the latent print has been developed, it is time to lift the developed print. Standard lifting tapes work fine on flat and single curved surfaces (such as a glass, pop can, etc.). What happens when you have to lift a latent print off a doorknob, light bulb or the inside of a bowl? When dealing with a curved surface, polyethylene tape is the way to go. It will stretch and conform to light bulbs, doorknobs and bowls without distorting the latent print when lifted.

Polyethylene tape is easy to use. Cut off the desired length of polyethylene tape. Press it directly on the print with your thumb then work the tape out from the center. Remember that what you are concerned with is the latent print. If you get a wrinkle or crease away from the latent print, it's okay. This will not affect the comparison.

Polyethylene tape comes in 1½", 2" and 4" widths and retails for $6.95 to $15.95 and is sold through crime scene supply companies.

Video demonstration

Polyethylene Tape
Polyethylene Tape
Polyethylene Tape

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