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Lifting Latents Off Hot Surfaces

Have you ever been in a scenario where you are diligently trying to develop and lift a latent print off an extremely hot surface such as a car hood in the heat of the summer? You have developed a latent print on the hot surface , you place the lifting tape down to lift the latent print and when you start to lift the tape up you notice that the tape is splitting (the adhesive is separating from the backer because of the extreme heat) what do you do. Well, Lt. David Guzzardi of St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office has just the answer. Simply grab an ice cube from the fridge or even out of your soda cup if one is available. Rub the ice across the lifting tape to cool the surface and allow the tape to remain in one piece, and then lift it up. If you have no ice available you will need to get it in the shade to cool down in order to lift the tape off in one piece.

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