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Instant Shine

Instant ShineInstant Shine
Have you ever had the need to collect a suspect's shoe print but did not want to take his shoes? In the past, for footwear impressions, you would either use a roller with printer's ink or use fingerprint powder on the shoes then have the subject step on a piece of paper to transfer the shoe impression. Both methods work very well, but what about the mess and the hassle to do it? For a palm print impression, you have to take the suspect to the jail or ID Division to have the palms inked and printed.

Why not try a simple method that can be carried with you and done in the field? Purchase an Instant Shine shoeshine applicator anywhere shoe products are sold. This is what officers use when they get called into the chief or sheriff's office to quickly shine their shoes. This is a foam pad in various shapes and sizes that are impregnated with a clear-type silicone polish similar to Armorall.

For shoe impressions, rub the Instant Shine pad over the sole of the shoe and have the subject step onto a piece of plain white paper. Repeat the process with the other shoe.

For palm prints, rub the Instant Shine pad over the subject's palm side of the hand and place the palm onto a piece of plain white paper. Press down on the center of the back of the hand to get a good palm impression. Repeat the process with the other palm. Using a magnetic applicator, apply black magnetic fingerprint powder over the area where the shoe palm print impression was placed on the white paper and presto, you now have a a very good copy of the subject's shoe or palm print. This is not a permanent print by any means. You need to fix the prints. A simple method is to spray the print with hair spray. The cheap pump-type works fine. After spraying, allow the hair spray to dry. The shoe and/or palm print is now set.

The Instant Shine costs about $1.17 and the hair spray is about $0.97. These can be purchased at most discount or retail stores.

Instant Shine
Instant Shine
Instant Shine
Instant Shine

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