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Hot Glue Method

From the Frederick County Sheriff's Office, Crime Scene Evidence Unit, Frederick, Md.

We used this method on countertops, dashboards, and even on the side of a textured freezer. All attempts yielded excellent results. We have experimented with white glue, but found that the clear glue sticks worked best.

(1) Dust the surface as usual. Gently blow off excess powder.

(2) Use the hot glue gun to flow the hot glue over the entire print.

(3) While glue is still hot, place a lift card on the hot glue and gently push down with a flat object.

(4) Wait five minutes for the glue to cool and cure. Use a knife on an edge of the glue to assist in the lift.

(5) The results are a crystal clear lift of the print. This photo is of the prints located on the textured counter top in our office.

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