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Development of Latent Prints on the Adhesive Side of Tape

View a short video demonstrating how to develop latent prints on the adhesive side of tape. See the video. 

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*You will need Windows Media Player to view.

When suspects handle tape, usually they leave a latent print on the adhesive side of the tape.

GooPrint Powder is excellent for developing latent prints on the adhesive side of tapes and labels.

You will need the following:

All purpose brush
Photo-Flow solution
Bulb pipette
Small plastic mixing spoon
Small 2 ounce mixing jar
Small 2oz liquid mixing bottle
Goo Print powder

Mixing instructions:

In mixing jar place small amount of GooPrint Powder (2-3 spoonfuls using small mixing spoon).

In liquid mixing bottle place equal amounts of water and Photo-Flow Solution using the bulb pipette.

Gradually add the water and Dispersing Solution to the GooPrint Powder and mix with the mixing spoon until the mixture is the consistency of thin paint.


Use the all-purpose brush to paint the mixture onto the adhesive side of the tape or label.

Let the solution set on the tape or label for 10 to 15 seconds and then rinse off under running water.

Note: If the solution is left on too long, it becomes difficult to rinse off. The solution will adhere to strongly to some tapes and labels.

Photograph any developed latent prints.

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