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Latent Prints with Glue

Please pass the Elmer’s.

There are several useful products out there that can be used to lift latent prints off irregular surfaces. Lacking the purchase price for them or just not having them on hand does not prevent you from successfully performing the same task. I have found that if you develop a latent print with powder then spread a fairly thick coat of regular Elmer’s Glue over it, let the glue dry (it dries clear), then use tape to lift the glued latent, you to can successfully recover those tough latents. Sometimes it helps when lifting it to start peeling up one edge then the tape does the rest. Once off the surface, just stick it on a lift card as you would an ordinary taped lift.

By H. W. “Rus” Ruslander , MS , S.C.S.A.

Latent Prints with Glue

Latent Prints with Glue

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