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Feather Duster Application

The feather duster is an excellent fingerprinting brush; it can be used with standard powder and fluorescent powder.

1. Photograph any visible fingerprints that you observe.

2. Carefully dip the tip of the feather duster into the appropriate color of fluorescent powder. Apply only a small amount of powder to the tip of the brush.

Note: The amount of powder residue in the lid would be adequate.

3. Apply the powder to the surface with a light twirling motion over the area to be processed. If a heavy deposit appears on a fingerprint, gently brush off the excess powder with a light twirling motion.

4. For optimum visibility, use a portable light source or alternate light sources to view the fluorescent fingerprints.

5. Photograph any latent fingerprints that have been developed using a portable light source or alternate light source.

6. Apply a short piece of lifting tape. This must be pressed well onto the surface.

7. Slowly remove the lifting tape from the surface and place it on a black backing card.

8. Properly fill out the back of the backing card with the proper information.

(Make sure that you indicate this card contains a fluorescent lift and that you may need an alternate light source for optimum viewing.)

View a short video demonstrating the feather duster application. See the video.

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