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View a short video demonstrating how to use the DustBustr. See the video. 

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How many times have you spilt fingerprint powder at a crime scene then tried to figure out how to clean it up. Why not eliminate the spilling problem by using the no spill DustBustr. Place approximately ½ to 1 teaspoon of fingerprint powder into the DustBustr, by using this small amount of powder if it gets contaminated, you will only have a small amount to discard instead of a whole jar full.

Twirl your brush to inset it in the top, tap it into the powder then twirl to remove the excess powder and your ready to process the items. If you knock it over the unique design of the DustBustr keeps the power in the container where it belongs. No more messes. Also gives you a place to lay your brush.

The DustBuster can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

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