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DIFF-Lift Tape

Regular tape lift off textured surface DIFF-Lift tape lift off textured surface
View a short video demonstrating how to lift prints off a textured surface with DIFF-Lift Tape. See the video. 

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Does this sound familiar? You're on a crime scene and have just located a great fingerprint. The only problem is, it's on a textured surface (car dash, refrigerator, bank countertop, wood), which makes it very difficult to lift the print. If you try lifting it with regular lifting tape, you will only lift the parts of the latents on the tops of the textured surface. You could use a section of contrasting colored gel lifter if you had it with you that would give you a reversed latent print "OR" you could use DIFF-Lift lifting tape. It comes on a roll 1½" like regular lifting tape and is used just like standard fingerprint lifting tape. This soft tape-like substance is useful in lifting powdered fingerprints on textured surfaces because it fills in the contours and lifts ALL of the powdered print! No more frustration with only pulling part of a print and ruining the only good sample you have. It can be hand pressed onto a powdered fingerprint, or for a more effective lift, try using a roller to maximize compression into the textured surface. Once you lift the latent print, which is clear, place it on either a black or white backing card, depending on the powder color. When placed on a backing card, you have a positive print for examiners to work with.

The DIFF-Lift Tape can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

DIFF-Lift Tape
DIFF-Lift Tape
DIFF-Lift Tape

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