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Breaking in a Fingerprint Brush

While at the Illinois I.A.I. Conference in Fairview Heights, IL, T.K. Martin and I were talking about officers new to crime scene units. T.K. Martin mentioned that some officers were complaining about their fiber fingerprint brushes, it seemed like he had order more brushes than usual. The officers were saying that they did not last. T.K. Martin asked them if they were breaking them in first. The officer did not know what he was talking about.

He then proceeded to explain to them the procedure to break in a new brush to this officer.

The procedure to break in a new brush is very simple and is done in four (4) basic steps.

Step #1 Select the edge of a desk or cabinet and firmly strike the brush several times on this edge.

Step #2 Put the brush handle between your palms and vigorously twirl the fiber brush.

Step #3 Repeat Step #1 by firmly striking the brush several times on the selected edge.

Step #4 Use a standard comb and comb out the fibers. After doing Steps 1-3

The fibers will get tangled, just like your hair gets tangled when using a hair dryer.

Your brush will now be full and soft.

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