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BlackMagic Ink Pads

View a short video demonstration.

BlackMagic Ink Pads otherwise referred to as the "Universal Ink Pads" will certainly make quite an impression on you! They are universal in the sense that they replace all other fingerprint pads on the market including the roller and slab method, Porelon and the old ink (which we sell as well). A light touch of your finger on the surface of the BlackMagic pad is all that is required, and then roll the print for a jet-black, crisp clear image that instantly dries. Ideal for elimination prints of victims, printing children, putting that index print of a traffic violator on the traffic ticket.

Rub the fingers together...and poof! the ink wipes off leaving no mess. The BlackMagic Ink Pad also comes in a 3” x 5” pad.

BlackMagic Ink Pads can be purchased through the Lynn Peavey Company.

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