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Latent Development

BlackMagic Ink Pads
Breaking in a Fingerprint Brush
Casting Processed Latents with Dental Stone
Chemical Reagents
DIFF-Lift Tape
Dry Ninhydrin
Embroidery Hoop
Enhancing Latent Prints
FBI Processing Guide for Developing Latent Prints
Feather Duster Application
Fingerprint Powder Processing
Fluorescent Black Powder
GooPrint Powder
Gun Bluing to Develop Latent Prints
Hot Glue Method
Instant Shine
Latent Prints with Glue
Light Bulb Remover
Lifting Latents Off Hot Surfaces
Liqui-Lift Technique--Compressed Air
Loading a Brush with Fingerprint Powder
LumiDome Magnifier
Lynn Peavey Processing Manual
New Charting Method
Polyethylene Tape
Portable Fuming Chamber
Powder Methods
Processing a Car in 10 Minutes
Processing with Magnetic Applicators and Powders
Processing Methods
Sifter-Screen Jar
Small Particle Reagent
Small Portable Fan
Spilled Fingerprint Powder Clean-up
Superglue Fuming with a Cup

The Development of Friction Ridge Detail on a Class of Counterfeit Currency
Un-Du Adhesive Remover
Visualization of Latent Fingerprints on Used Vinyl and Latex Gloves Using Gellifters

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