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Pharmaceutical Fold

Have you ever had the need to collect a small item of evidence such a paint scrapings, hair and fibers, but did not have a small evidence container to put them in? About 25 years ago, I had a serologist with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab show me a pharmaceutical fold to hold trace evidence. This can be made using any clean paper or form. I have made a pharmaceutical fold with text that can be printed out and copies made with the fold lines marked. This fold is made by taking a piece of paper or the pre-printed form and following the instructions below.

Click here for pre-printed form.

  1. Fold the paper or form in half. (See fig. 1)

  2. Fold the paper or form in thirds from the front to the back. (See fig. 2)

  3. The pharmaceutical fold is now ready to use.

When using to pharmaceutical fold be sure to open it up at the front. (See fig. 3). You will have a bottom to the fold you just created.

Check to make sure there is a bottom to the fold before using it. (See fig. 4) You could lose your trace evidence if this occurs as there is no bottom.

After placing trace evidence in the pharmaceutical fold, fold the top toward the back and secure with tamper indicating tape. (See fig. 5)

These can be made up in advance and placed in zipper top plastic bags.

Fold in half on dotted line.

Fold in thirds on dotted lines.

Use outer pocket next to side for writing.

Make sure pocket has a bottom.

Fold top to seal on dotted line.

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