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Long Term Evidence Storage

Jim Herman
I.A.P.E.M. President
Property Officer
Mount Prospect Police Department

Jim Herman the current President of the Illinois Association of Property and Evidence Management
and the Property Officer of the Mount Prospect Police Department want to share some ways to solve your long term evidence storage problems.

Hinged Interlocked Lid Cases

Use of hinged interlocked lid cases with numbered locking ties provides a secure long term means for property storage.

Numbered Locking Ties

The use of numbered locking ties helps to ensure security. Using a bar-coding property management system to identify the container will provide a complete listing of the contents. This system makes audits of contents quick and sure.

Knife Boxes

The use of boxes for storage of knives provides a safe secure means of storage for workers in the property room. The boxes also provide a means to stack the knives on a shelf or in a bin making retrieval easier. Writing the case number or placing a bar code label on the end of the box permits the property officers to stack the boxes on shelf or in a bin.

Handgun Boxes

The use of handgun boxes provides a safe means to store and stack handguns in your property room.
Stacking handgun boxes with case information or bar code labels on the end of the box make retrieval faster and easier.

Plastic Bins

The use of plastic bins provides the property officer with a sturdy easy to access holder of envelope and paper containers of evidence on your shelves. In keeping the evidence in upright numbered order makes retrieval a snap.

Cardboard Mailer

The use of a cardboard mailer with anti-static liners ensures a safe and inexpensive means to store CD/DVD’s in your property room. These mailers provide a means to store the item in a vertical position making retrieval easier.

Officer Supplies

When property officers work to supply their officers with the necessary supplies for property evidence storage they help to ensure that items will be correctly packaged. By supplying the type and size that best fits your storage space, property officers will find that they maximize the number of items that can be stored on each available storage location.

If you need answers or information on evidence storage problems contact Jim Herman (see below).

Jim Herman
I.A.P.E.M. President
Property Officer
Mount Prospect Police Department
112 E. Northwest Hwy.
Mount Prospect, Il 60056
Office: 847-870-5676

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