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Corrugated Adhesive-backed Cardboard

If you want to package evidence that is fragile, such as a glass tube, try using corrugated adhesive backed cardboard. It has the appearance of a piece of cardboard with the corrugated center exposed. The corrugated area is specially treated so when this surface comes in contact with itself, it sticks together. It protects items from damage. This product comes in various widths and can be cut to the size needed. Place the item to be packaged in the center on the corrugated surface and fold the cardboard over. Press remaining three sides together to completely seal the item in the cardboard. The corrugated surface will not stick to the item placed inside.

NOTE: You should not place anything in this type of packaging material that requires fingerprinting. The corrugated surface will damage the fingerprints.

This cardboard packaging material can be purchased where most shipping and packaging supplies are sold.

Corrugated Adhesive-backed Cardboard

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