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When at a crime scene or autopsy, it is not very professional to use a ball point pen or your finger to point out drops of blood, latent fingerprint or any small items of evidence, or at autopsies when you are trying to point out wounds, marks, petechiae or lacerations to internal organs.

While doing a class in Andover, Kan., David Klamm, of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, showed me the McPointer. It was a plastic pointer that could be used to point out various items like stated above.

The McPointer is a very high tech and sophisticated tool that is disposable and can be disinfected because it is made of plastic.

The McPointer is made from a McDonalds' coffee stirrer. The paddle end has been cut with a pair of scissors to form a point, hence the name McPointer. The McPointer can be made from any swizzle stick that has a flat end on it, or find one that has appoint already on it.

When using the pointer you can add a 2 cm scale just above the point and you can now take a photograph that is pointing out the item with a scale inserted.

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