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Light Sticks

It is difficult at night to mark evidence that needs to be photographed and collected. An easy solution is to snap a light stick and drop it by the evidence, marking its location. Light sticks come in various colors and will stay illuminated for 30 min. to 12 hours after activation. Some light sticks can be placed in a stand for easy visibility. These stands come in various colors. An overall photograph can be taken showing the light stick's location and their relationship to each other.

Another use for the light stick is for a patrol officer in pursuit. If the suspect tosses anything from a moving vehicle, the officer can snap the light stick to activate it and toss it out the window to mark the general area where the suspect tossed out the item thus allowing the officer to continue with the pursuit. Later, after the pursuit, the officer can return to the area of the illuminated light stick to look for the evidence that was discarded.

The stands can be purchased from Evipac.

The light sticks cost approximately $1.75 each and can be purchased from any camping supply store.

Light Sticks
Light Sticks

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