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Disposable “A” Frame Evidence Markers with No Numbers

I have had such a large request to make up the Disposable “A” Frame Evidence Markers with Scale without the number so a letter, arrow or larger number could be inserted by writing on it with a Sharpie or grease pencil, so here it is.

Numerous officers have used these cost effective Disposable “A” Frame markers. A scale has been added to the larger “A” Frame Markers along with an area for agency, case number, date, and officer information. Photo evidence numbers are used in crime scene photographs to indicate where each piece of evidence is found. The markers usually are plastic and large. If a scene bas blood in it, the markers must be decontaminated before they are stores for the next case. These are disposable and can be disposed of by placing in a BIO bag.

These Disposable “A” Frame Evidence Markers have another unique feature by having inches on one side and metric on the other side. These markers can be retained for proof of the scale used in the photographs by placing in a plastic bag and retained for court if needed.

These Disposable “A” Frame Evidence Markers with Scales are 2” wide and 4” tall when set up and they now adds size to the item being photographed because of the scale.

On standard 8 ½” x 11” paper or card stock with your choice of colors you can make 20 scaled “A” frame numbered markers 2” wide and 4” tall when folded in half without the numbers.

Click here to download the Disposable "A" Frame Evidence Markers with No Numbers. (PDF)

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