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Small "A" Frame Markers

Numbered evidence markers that are most frequently used are from 3" tall to 7" tall. These markers work great for most crime scenes, however, when working in a small area with several pieces of evidence in the same area, the markers tend to cover and overpower the evidence you are trying to document. Try making smaller markers using 1/16" white Plexiglas. Cut Plexiglas into 1" x 4" strips. Lightly heat the strips in the center with a propane torch until soft enough to bend the Plexiglas into a 45-degree angle. Mark each angle numerically with black vinyl numbers on each of the sides. These markers are handy to use on a desk where you have numerous items of evidence you want to mark and photograph.

Plexiglass can be purchased from your local plastics dealer. Be sure to check their scrap bins for the best price!

Small "A" Frame Markers
Small "A" Frame Markers

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